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The importance of deduplication and adjudication in identity management solutions

Deduplication: “the elimination of duplicate or redundant information, especially in computer data. “Deduplication removes the repetitive information before storing it”.

Adjudication: “the process or act of making an official decision about something”.

Within an identity management solution these definitions are not any different! As an example, in an election process deduplication shall ensure that a person is not registered twice. This to realize that every individual can only cast one vote. The de-duplication process starts when the registration data is uploaded in the central system. The deduplication process matches the biometric data of the voters against each other. If a match is found this record is saved and stored as possible match.

All the possible matches, as an outcome of the automated deduplication process, can now be processed by a human action. This human action, when a trained authorized staff member makes an official decision about the automated duplicate match, is the process of adjudication. Within an identity management solution, the authorized staff member will be given an overview of the potential matches including biometric and biographic information. Using the below figure the staff member will be given all matches with A – A – A, B – B- B, C – C – C and D – D – D. Before all these matches are removed the authorized staff member will decide if these found matches are indeed similar.  If so, duplicates are removed till a single tile or within the identity management solution till one registration of a person.

An example where the deduplication process has been monitored is in Nigeria. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of Nigeria has disclosed that it has removed 16.5 million duplicated names from the voter roll between 2011 and 2019.

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