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Nuclear Security Summit 2014

Over 50 world leaders, 5000 delegates and 3000 journalists used their faces to access the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) 2014 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Among them royals and presidents of the USA, China, Pakistan, UAE, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil, EU and the UN Secretary General. The delegates were meeting to create international agreements about the prevention of nuclear terrorism.

HSB identification supplied the online registration and fast access control gates using face recognition during this highest secured global event ever. Unqie feature is that visitors do not have to stop to capture a photo, but this is done “on the fly”.

Secure Online Registration

Nuclear Security Summit (NSS)Participants could register themselves on a online public web-portal for the NSS 2014. Registration Officers of the delegations and the organizations worldwide registered 20.000 delegates, security officers, press and employees. During the summit another 2.000 last-minute registrations have been made.
At registration each person uploads personal biographic information, a passport scan and facial photo. The completed biographic information is matched against the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of the passport. The facial photo is checked for minimum quality and correct pose.

Every single registration is sent to the screening authorities for vetting. Only with approval from the authorities the registrant is allowed to join the summit.

Security of the website has been a critical topic. The website has gone through multiple security audits to assure the highest degree of data security.

Personal Access Badge

Multiple types of personal badges have been printed with information based on the online registration. Each badge has multiple security features like a hologram, overlay and UV marks. The badge contains a UHF chip.

Face Recognition on the Fly

Nuclear Security Summit (NSS)

HSB identification supplied gates for unique fast access control with face recognition on the conference area. The access gates have been equipped with UHF antenna, camera, lighting and processor power.

The registered NSS visitor walks with his badge through to the gate. Within seconds his badge will be read. His reference photo including biographic information will be shown to the security officer. The live face image of the visitor is automatically matched against this reference photo. If the match result is positive the NSS visitor can proceed to the summit area.

More than 40.000 visitors walked through the gates in 3 days and were positively matched with face recognition on the fly with a speed up to twelve (12) visitors per minute per gate.

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