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Chad presents updated electoral register

On 12th of February 2021 the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) in Chad presented the updated electoral register. This is a significant milestone and we are proud of our team who worked hard for this achievement

After successfully performing the de-duplication and adjudication processes, based on a combination of fingerprint and face matching, around 200.000 duplicates have been removed. Currently, more than seven million Chadians are now eligible to vote for the upcoming elections. According to the statistics, it showed that 49.24% of the registered voters are men and 50.76% are women. The chart below shows the distribution of gender among voters per region in Chad.

The issuance of new voter cards will start in March 2021. Following updates will be available on our website!

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HSB to participate at ID4Africa


On the 18th – 20th of June 2019 HSB identification will again participate in the major event about identity, ID4Africa, which is hosted in Johannesburg, South-Africa. Visit HSB to see and discuss solutions to create and verify unique identities, which include (mobile) registration units, biometric matching and de-duplication, identity management and authentication services. These products can benefit to markets such as: social and financial inclusion, elections, border control and civil / national ID programs (in rural and remote locations).

ID4Africa 2019 has the overall theme “Identity Ecosystems for Service Delivery” with the purpose to define context for the adoption and deployment of responsible identity systems with special attention to the use of identity in support of service delivery to enhance inclusion and access by all sectors of society.
ID4Africa is an ID-4-All movement that accompanies African nations on their journey to develop robust and responsible ID ecosystems around digital identity.

You are welcome to visit HSB’s booth C11. Contact us at
More information about our solutions can be found at: .
For the full ID4Africa 2019 exhibition and conference program please visit:

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SME register for Zimbabwe

SME Zimbabwe

A register of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) is of utmost importance as an instrument to provide services and be able to distribute benefits including loans to these enterprises. Further it provides accurate statistical information for policy making and donor organizations. The project aims to register over 2 million SME’s in Zimbabwe.

HSB has provided (biometric) registration equipment to Zimbabwe for SME registration. The registration kits include notebook, fingerprint scanner and webcam. General information of the company, its board members and other stakeholders is collected.

Online registration can be done from any office after which a second stage registration on-site is needed to collect the personal biometric information of one or more stakeholders. A deduplication system assures a unique identity for the stakeholder and prevents registration of multiple identities for the same person.

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HSB rolls out Social Safety Net in Djibouti

HSB identification has successfully completed the implementation of a nationwide Social Safety Net including a unique identity (UID) management infrastructure for the Republic of Djibouti. The platform will be used to target vulnerable households in a record time.

Social inclusion enables people to take part in society. The global challenge is to accurately and securely identify the beneficiaries. In order to define the households that need attention first and foremost, family members need to be identified and compiled in a national social register.

Following a thorough international tendering procedure, HSB has installed the end-to-end solution including biometric registration equipment, central matching system (ABIS) for deduplication as well as a dedicated Management Information System (MIS). Each household is assigned a poverty score by the system using the Proxy Means Tests (PMT) after a digital door-to-door survey.

This pioneering project is one of the first such programs funded by the World Bank in an effort to help countries promote inclusive growth and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals enacted by the United Nations.

Process flow Djibouti

The Government of Djibouti views the platform as a key stepping stone for the country: “Having unique identities in a centralized social register is of utmost importance for social inclusion of our population. We believe that the solution provided by HSB is a great means to connect new social protection schemes in a timely manner.”

“We are proud to be able to contribute to identity programs for social development.” says Marcel Boogaard, CEO of HSB. “Our technology and experience to enroll and maintain unique identities is beneficial to all governments in a need of a secure foundational ID and efficient social safety nets.”

HSB identification B.V., The Netherlands, is a global provider of large-scale digital identification solutions. The company helps governments by implementing innovative identity programs secured by biometrics. With our products and services we prevent identity fraud. And with our solutions people around the world will be able to identify themselves, cross borders, vote and use health care.

For more information about HSB please visit our website at You can also contact us by email ( or by phone +31 348433080.

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Enhanced passport control at Schengen borders

Border Control System

The European border control agencies will soon increase the number of passport and visa checks at its outside borders due to new regulations. Also the Netherlands will participate in this pan-European initiative.

Until now travelers with an EU-passport were randomly checked, which could be only visual. The new regulation requires interfaces with national and international detection systems.

HSB has supplied the Border Control Solution which enables Dutch border control agencies to check travel documents to enter the Schengen countries with multiple background checks. This includes biometric verification against the central EU-VIS database. Also the authenticity of travel documents is checked.

For more information about the Border Control Solution click here.

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HSB to exhibit at ID4Africa in Namibia

On 26-28 April 2017, ID4Africa will be organized in Windhoek, Namibia. The theme of this major annual Government Forum on Electronic Identity in Africa is “Pathways to Digital Identity”.

The meeting has a three day program with several speakers. Some of the topics are: Overcoming ID Systems Challenges in Africa, CRVS & Legal Identity, ID in Electoral System and Identity & Document Fraud. Speakers from NGO’s, African Ministries and sponsors will present these topics.

African countries can highly benefit from the proven identity solutions delivered by HSB identification across the continent to governments. HSB helps governments to provide unique identities to support social registration programs, public safety projects, health care, elections and KYC projects in multiple African countries.
HSB identification will be present at the exhibitor’s area at booth B10. We will show case a pioneering identity project deployed in Djibouti to improve social inclusion. Next to this reference our multi-modal biometric registration solutions are shown. Visit our booth in Windhoek.

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Speaker at Biometrics in Banking


HSB identification will participate in the event Biometrics in Banking and Payments organized on November 26, 2015 by the European Association of Biometrics (EAB) in Amsterdam.

Biometrics in Banking

Stakeholders of banking industry, IT, payment and insurance businesses are gathered to discuss and learn how biometrics can optimize customer interaction, operational efficiency and fraud reduction and prevention. There will be a strong focus on sharing use cases based on successful implementations and how to adapt these in the respective countries of the participants.

HSB identification, represented by Ruud ten Hoorn, will focus on The African Perspective for Biometrics and Banking. In Africa some major projects are ongoing in this market, where biometrics do support the process of payments and social benefits, Know Your Customer (KYC) principle and authorization of mobile wallets. Also biometrics in National ID can help to create a trusted payment infrastructure.

To register for this event please use this link. If you want to meet HSB, please send subject of discussion to

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HSB to Exhibit ID4AFRICA

HSB will be present at ID4AFRICA, the 1st Government Forum on Electronic Identity in Africa in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on 2-4 June.

Government Forum on Electronic Identity in Africa

The National Identification Authority (NIDA) of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Tanzania and APSCA will host the 1st Government Forum on Electronic Identity in Africa at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Dar es Salaam on 2-4 June 2015. The theme of the event, “How National eID can Support Social and Economic Development” and the forum will follow the same model as APSCA’s highly successful Government Forum on Electronic Identity in Asia.

NIDA will invite government agencies from around the world with a particular focus on agencies from African states. Government agencies invited will be responsible for managing National Population Registers, Electronic identity Cards Tokens, Biometrics, Registration & Enrolment, Operations & Processes for National Identity Management and delivery of eGovernment Services. APSCA will invite the world’s leading industry experts in national electronic identity management.

African countries can highly benefit from the proven identity solutions delivered by HSB identification across the continent to governments. HSB creates digital identities including biometrics and ID cards to support National ID projects as well as eGovernment services, health care, elections and border control in multiple African countries.

During this exhibition HSB will demonstrate a multi-modal biometric platform HSB ABIS and its latest product: the mobile Tablet-ID™. This Android based tablet device can capture and verify persons by using their digital identity. Visit HSB at booth A06!

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Introducing the Tablet-ID ™

Introducing the Tablet-ID ™. This Android based device can biometrically verify and identify the unique ID of people using fingerprints and photo.

Introducing the Tablet-ID ™

HSB identification proudly showed their latest innovation at CARTES 2014 in Paris. The Tablet-ID ™ is a mobile handheld solution which can be used for verification, identification and enrolment of people. With this solution the unique ID of the people can be created or checked.

The Tablet-ID ™ is an Android based device that includes the functionality of a high quality fingerprint scanner and RFID reader. A huge battery capacity is integrated into this solution to ensure a battery life of 13+ hours. The software application on the Tablet-ID ™ can be customized according to the needs of the customer.

Marcel Boogaard, CEO of HSB add “We foresee a growing need to verify users with biometric handheld devices such as the Tablet-ID ™. We have used our long experience to integrate all needed functionality, like high quality fingerprint scanner and long battery life, into one affordable compact device.”

Click here for additional information of the Tablet-ID ™.


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HSB is Exhibiting in Georgia

HSB will exhibit at the 5th annual meeting of election management bodies with the focus on biometric registration and verification of the voters.

5th Annual Meeting of Election Management Bodies

HSB will participate in the 5th annual meeting of election management bodies, which will be held in Batumi, Georgia on February 24-26, 2015. The main topics of this symposium are the registration and the verification in the election process. HSB identification will participate to demonstrate their biometric solutions for the elections.

The event is organized by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (iCPS) in collaboration with the CEC Georgia. The iCPS brings the representatives of the election commissions worldwide and some solution providers together to discuss the challenges within the election process. The challenges are focusing on the biometric registration and verification of the voters.

HSB identification will demonstrate its biometric registration solution. This multi-modal biometric system can capture fingerprints, face and iris with high speed, high accuracy and high security. Fair elections can only be achieved by using a transparent, high quality enrolment of the voters.

Next to the registration solution HSB will demonstrate their latest product; the Tablet-ID™. This Android based device can verify and identify voter using fingerprints and photo.


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